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Start your good thing with the Isaac Group

Even though we’ve been around a while, we’re always working on something new. We’re a family of three civil construction companies with a range of services and unique skills that sees us work on lots of interesting projects; often we’re creating the foundations for the future.

A good attitude is all you need to get started and there’s work available now. Sound good?

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We support our people to be good and do good – not just at work, but at home and in their communities too. Read on to find out what you get as part of the Isaac Group.

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We’re made up of around 430 people which makes us just the right size to win interesting work while keeping a close-knit family feel amongst the team. We don’t have excess layers of management, which means people’s good work gets noticed. You’re not just a number - everyone knows you by name, and we all call ‘the boss’ Jeremy.

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Learn skills to set you up for life and jump on real opportunities to get ahead with our award-winning development programme and career choices across the three businesses. Because we’re not a big corporate, you have a really good shot at advancing within Isaac Group; it’s how many of our people have got where they are today.

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We’re owned by The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust. So the work you do with us isn’t lining foreign pockets or filling some bigwig’s wallet – it’s helping the conservation and protection of wildlife right here in NZ. Pretty sweet legacy to be a part of.

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One of the reasons we win good work on a range of projects is our unique service offerings. But it’s also because we’re known for doing the right things, the right way, for the right reasons. And that’s all down to our awesome people fronting up every day with the right attitude to do their jobs well.

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We treat our people right and there’s a real family feel within our team. Enjoy good pay, a safe work environment and healthy culture. All we need is a few details so fill out the form.