Our Isaac Construction Nelson/Tasman Branch has recently commenced work on a Transport Choices Project in Richmond. Given the site's 700m length, our traffic team trialled an electric scooter for site checks. This enables them to respond quickly to stakeholder requests and maintain the site more efficiently than by foot or using a traffic truck. With over 3,000 school kids passing through daily, it's crucial that our site is maintained to an excellent standard.

Benefits we've observed include:

  • Completing a full site check takes just eight minutes with the electric scooter, compared to 30 minutes in a standard traffic truck.
  • E-Road data shows a 30% reduction in traffic truck usage, resulting in significant diesel savings.
  • More efficient traffic management has allowed staff to focus more on stakeholder relations and resident management.

To ensure we uphold our "Promise Safety First" value, our operators must undergo a competency assessment and adhere to set guidelines concerning operating areas and site speeds, including scooter-specific PPE.