Project overview


The Bluegums Landfill project in Blenheim involves the excavation and placement of over 80,000m3 of rock. The Marlborough District Council engaged Simcox (our Blenheim based business) to complete stage 8 of its development.

Works completed

The majority of the excavation was completed via ripping with a bulldozer and 48T digger and then carting away with dump trucks. We also completed our own drilling and blasting in the lower layers where the rock was particularly hard. As we were working in an active landfill, we had to manage the haul roads and access points so as not to interfere with the normal landfill traffic.

We also completed all of the associated impermeable clay capping, lining, sediment ponds, leachate drains, gas lines and surface drains for this project.

Other challenges we overcame included:

  • Operating heavy machinery around other PCBUs in the same area.
  • Completing the works to a tight deadline as the landfill was rapidly running out of storage space.
  • Achieving extremely high quality management as we were dealing with toxic leachate and had to ensure there was a 0% chance it could penetrate through the new liner and / or the new clay capping.