Project overview

George Street Farmers Block aerial view


From late 2021, Dunedin City Council has been upgrading George Street in the central city, create a more people-friendly retail quarter with new paving, street furniture, lighting and public art. The Farmers block (referring to the department store) is one of four stages of this project. Collectively our drainage and construction teams from Isaac Construction and Liddell Contracting have worked together to investigate (from design confirmation) and construct the Farmers block.

Works completed

Underground works included replacing the existing sewer system, lining the 1870s brick barrell stormwater system, and replacing the reticulated water network. We also constructed the new roading pavement, comprised of 220mm asphalt foundation, new slot drains and mud tanks to handle the pavement stormwater, eight new garden beds, as well as installing new street furniture and concrete aprons, and upgrading the street lighting and traffic signals.

Check out these interesting numbers from the project:

  • The final surface is made up of over 54,000 pavers of different types to delineate between the different uses - footpaths, carriageway and parking areas.
  • The team have uncovered 210 unknown services and crossed all services 905 times.
  • We have removed approximately 480m of redundant/unused services.
  • Disconnected 1 sewer lateral that was connected to the stormwater system (a hangover from when both used a common network).
  • Placed 130m3 concrete.
  • Made 2 archeological discoveries!