Project overview


This project involved the construction of new bus lanes on Lincoln Road from Moorhouse Avenue to the Lincoln/ Barrington/Whiteleigh intersection to help improve bus journey times.

Works completed

Our team created 1200m of new kerb and channel and 220m of new stormwater drainage.

As well as this, over 3000m of hew hotmix and block-paved footpaths and 2080m2 of coloured surfacing was laid; and 3300m2 of road shoulder reconstructed and resurfaced. To finish off, we also did almost 5.5km of line marking.

Other parts of the project included installation of new road signage, street furniture and landscape planting; construction of a new signalised pedestrian crossing as well as upgrades to other traffic signals; and new streetlights were installed.

Additionally, we used this opportunity to also upgrade the existing watermain.


This project was delivered extremely well, one month ahead of schedule and resulted in a Final PACE score of 90% from our client, Christchurch City Countil - described as Superlative.