Project overview

One of our biggest publicly accessible conservation projects is the native re-vegetation and eco-restoration of the Ōtūkaikino waterway.

The Isaac Conservation Park Walkway 1


Native re-vegetation and eco-restoration is another vital part of the overall plan of the Isaac Conservation & Wildlife Trust. Efforts focus on a vast range of native vegetation across parts of the 1100 ha site. Native planting projects include a focus on riparian planting of waterways that comprise a significant portion of the Ōtūkaikino waterway.

While the majority of the site is closed to the public due to the working quarry, walking tracks are available to the public on the land adjacent to Ōtūkaikino Stream, so that the public can enjoy access to the river and observe the native planting programme.

Important notes

  • No dogs allowed on farmland
  • Deep water with soft unstable banks
  • Keep to marked track and proceed with care
  • Respect private property and farming operations
  • Leave gates as you find them
  • Beware of falling tree branches